Grand Theft Auto V Cars – In Real Life

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Did you notice that many, if not all, of the cars in Grand Theft Auto look incredibly similar to real world cars? If you didn’t, then you may want to head out and get your eyes checked! The team over at TechReviewFeed decided to investigate and find out how much the digital and real-world cars had in common and for many of them, I’m surprised there isn’t a stack of lawsuits on the doorstep of Rockstars office, or at least more than usual.

I’m loving Grand Theft Auto V on PC, the graphics look stunning and the cars are certainly the best looking in the series so far. A mixture of high-performance sports cars seem to be littered around the game world and far more accessible than they have been in previous entries to the series. Not forgetting the stunning highways and mountain roads we have at our disposal to put each of the cars through their paces, modding, customisation, driving abilities and more; GTA V is a great game for driving fans.

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The digital knock-offs of the real world cars are great, but just like we saw with Grand Theft Auto IV real cars mod, I can’t wait to see what the modding community can do with the vehicles in GTA V.

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4 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto V Cars – In Real Life”
  1. Wayne says:

    Replace Lotus with Tesla Roadster…

  2. Adder is actually the veyron supersport

  3. Reni says:

    Though not in this list, I reckon the Karuma (Armoured) is the best imo.
    Basically a bulletproof fast car :3

  4. Reni says:

    Though not in this list, I reckon the Kuruma (Armoured) is the best imo.
    Basically a bulletproof fast car :3 Also looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer X

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