Grand Theft Auto V For PC Could Be Coming After All

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Grand Theft Auto V is probably going to be one of the most popular releases of the year in the gaming market. Yet initial rumours suggested that Rockstar Games wouldn’t be bringing Grand Theft Auto V to the PC platform for whatever reasons. This resulted in a petition being created to bring GTA V to the PC platform which has to date received over 170,000 signatures. If you have missed any Grand Theft Auto V news so far then be sure to check back over some of the developments here.

It appears that maybe Rockstar Games did take notice of the PC market because we have seen two European retailers “accidentally” list Grand Theft Auto V for PC. Amazon Germany and both listed the PC version of GTA V which yields the “Games for Windows” and “PC DVD” monikers suggesting that the game will obviously support the PC platform.


In addition to the PC box image the same website ( also revealed to us a GTA V “Special Edition”. This will be a copy of the standard game plus the following extras:

  • SteelBook with exclusive artwork
  • World map
  • Stunt planes challenges
  • Online store concessions
  • Bonus outfits
  • Bonus tattoos
  • Special abilities booster
  • Exclusive weapons
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As with all “leaks” it is always possible that there is no truth in the matter at all and that someone was just messing around or having a bit of a joke. But with Amazon listing it, it instantly gains some credibility, and when the box shows the Games for Windows branding you can’t help but feel it is actually going to be arriving on the PC platform.

I am certainly hopefully it will be released on PC, as it is one of the game releases I was looking forward to buying this year and I also signed the petition to bring it to the PC platform.

What are your thoughts on this development?

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One Response to “Grand Theft Auto V For PC Could Be Coming After All”
  1. It had better be released on PC otherwise I’ll throw my toys out the cot. If it doesn’t… Well I still won’t buy a console. Nevertheless I’m sure it’ll be released on PC.

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