A Grand Theft Auto V Mod Allows Seamless Access to Building Interiors

/ 2 years ago


If you are like me and you think that the players should enjoy access to more building interiors in Grand Theft Auto V, then you’ll definitely want to download and install this mod by “TaazR.” The mod enables access to a generous list of buildings in the game, (all with no loading times), and it even ensures that the buildings have people in them. One could definitely see how this modification could enhance the player’s experience and make the game feel less limited.

If you want to enjoy the mod yourself, you need to make sure that you already have Alexander Blade’s ScriptHookV installed. The installation process is relatively simple, as all you need to do is download, unzip and copy/paste a file named “OpenInteriors.asi” into the GTA V folder. Here’s a complete list of buildings that are affected by the mod:

1. LifeInvader offices
2. Tequi-la-la
3. Sandy Shores sheriff department
4. Paleto Bay sheriff department
5. Lazlow’s stadium
6. Cluckin Bell factory
7. Bahamas Mamas West nightclub (R* blocked it off, so you teleport in by standing at the front doors)
8. Comedy club (you teleport in by standing at the front doors)
9. The O’Neil farmhouse
10. The “Humane Labs”
11. FIB building bottom floors
12. FIB building floor 49 (access through first elevator)
13. FIB building burnt out floors 47 – 53 (access through second elevator)
14. Hospital
15. Epsilon storage room
16. Lester’s sweatshop
17. Jewellery store
18. Building under construction beside jewellery store
19. Lester’s house
20. Franklin’s aunt’s house
21. Janitor’s apartment
22. Foundry
23. Recycling plant
24. Meat packing facility
25. Simeon’s dealership
26. Torture building
27. Morgue (R* blocked it off, so you teleport in by standing at the front doors)
28. Madrazo’s ranch (doors open, but R* put an invisible wall there :\ )
29. Floyd’s house
30. Devin Weston’s chop shop
31. Omega’s lab
32. Paleto Bay bank

How are you enjoying GTA V for PC so far?

Thank you Dsogaming for providing us with this information.


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