Grand Theft Auto V PC 4K to Console Comparison

/ 2 years ago

gtav 1

“Is it worth the wait?” is the question that Grand Theft Auto fans about the perennially delayed PC version of the series’ fifth game, and Rockstar have been making great efforts to stress that, “yes, it will be”, with a series of polished screenshots. Now, thanks to Chinese gaming site Gamersky, we have comparison videos and images showing the stark difference between the PC version and those released for consoles – specifically, PlayStation 3 and 4 – last year.

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gta v comparison 1

gta v comparison 2

gta v comparison 3

gta v comparison 4

gta v comparison 5

gta v comparison 6

gta v comparison 7

Source: Gamersky

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  • grumpytrooper

    I’m actually surprised on how good the PS4 version looks.

    • OverlyFluffyDoge

      The game’s not very demanding if you look at the recommended specs and I’m imagining, because of the time it took to make, it’s incredibly well optimised.

  • random1uploada .

    This is just making me more eager to play it. So glad I pre-ordered 😀 I know the launch is going to be shit, but as long as I can download it to appreciated the detail in singleplayer, I don’t mind.

  • Wesley Avrett

    More proof of the PC master race.