Graph Shows Nvidia Dominance Over AMD, but Can AMD Make a Comeback?

/ 3 years ago


A very interesting graph has made its way online courtesy of Beyond3D member ‘dbz’, which shows us how many sales of Nvidia and AMD hardware there have been over the last few years. The information was pulled from aggregated quarterly reports, which were mostly from Mercury Research, with a few extras taken from JPR when Mercury figures were not available.


Nvidia are more popular than AMD, that much we all know, they often have more powerful and/or efficient hardware in the flagship card department and sell more hardware overall, where as AMD put up a hell of a fight in the mid-budget market. What’s amazing is just how far ahead Nvidia really are, with almost 3 out of 4 PC gamers running Nvidia hardware, it’s clear that AMD have a lot of ground to make up.

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With AMD still dragging their heels with the 3xx series and Nvidia no doubt already cooking up their GTX 980 Ti to compete with that. It’ll certainly be an interesting showdown this summer with both companies launching new hardware, but if AMD can’t make up ground on Nvidia, it certainly won’t benefit gamers if one company holds a monopoly on the market, so let’s hope the rest of this year sparks a performance and price war between the two companies.


What hardware do you run in your system, AMD or Nvidia?

Thank you DSO for providing us with this information.


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  1. mr2k9 says:

    not surprising at all…

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