Graphene Light Bulbs Coming This Year

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graphene light bulb

Graphene Lighting, a Canadian financed company has developed a new graphene-based light bulb. The dimmable bulb is claimed to cut energy use by 10% and last longer than now common LED light bulbs.

The new light bulbs were developed at Manchester University, the place where graphene was first discovered. They will be based on the traditional light bulb design and are projected to cost less than some LED bulbs. The bulbs contain a filament shaped LED coated in graphene, which should allow it to last longer while dissipating heat more efficiently.

Professor Colin Bailey, deputy vice-chancellor at the University of Manchester stated “The graphene light bulb will use less energy. We expect it to last longer. The manufacturing costs are lower and it uses more and more sustainable components.”

Not the biggest tech news in the world, but one you’ll likely have plugged into your lamp very soon!

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Source: BBC

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  1. Alex Jr says:

    Holding graphene bulb will make me smile ?

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