Greek Anti-Piracy Group Targeting Major Torrent Website ISP Blocks

/ 5 years ago


Anti-piracy groups in Greece are targeting major torrent websites for ISP level blocks. The requests that were filed are against some of the biggest torrent websites in the business including KickAssTorrents, isoHunt, 1337X and H33T. AEPI, the Greek Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property, is requesting that all ISPs operating in Greece block the previously mentioned sites. Several other Greek based domains are also being targeted such as:,,,, and

According to the speculation the Pirate Bay will also be targeted at some point in the near future too, meaning they will have been kicked out of Norway and Greece in quick succession. This latest move by Greece’s AEPI is just the latest in a growing trend across Europe that is seeing torrent sites getting blocked left, right and centre. The UK has been prolific in blocking torrent sites recently, KickAssTorents was one of those recently blocked while just last month Italy blocked 27 torrent domains.

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What are your thoughts on this latest development in Greece?


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One Response to “Greek Anti-Piracy Group Targeting Major Torrent Website ISP Blocks”
  1. c4p0ne says:

    FUCK EM.

    Bittorrent & Bitcoin FTMFW.

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