Greenwald Says NSA Leaks Will Continue After Snowden’s Asylum

/ 4 years ago


Glenn Greenwald was Edward Snowden’s main partner in distributing the NSA leaks. He has worked closely with Edward Snowden to distribute the sensitive top secret NSA information. Since the first leak we have seen many more and we still have many more to come as they are only just getting going in publishing all the leaked information. According to reports Greenwald has stated that he will continue to publish leaked NSA information and documents after Edward Snowden gets asylum in Russia.

Russia offered Edward Snowden asylum on the condition that he would stop hurting the USA with damaging leaks. Edward Snowden recently agreed to such conditions and is applying for asylum in Russia. Essentially this could mean that no more damaging material is allowed to get published but while both Greenwald and WikiLeaks have their hand in the NSA-leak honeypot it is unlikely either of them would stop publishing. Greenwald has said there are still many important domestic stories to come. When asked if he’d stop publishing if Snowden asked him to he responded with:

“I’d deal with that hypothetical only in the extremely unlikely event that it ever happened, but I can’t foresee anything that would or could stop me from further reporting on the NSA documents I have”

So it remains to be seen whether Snowden’s leaks could prevent him from achieving asylum if his partners don’t cooperate.

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