GRID 2 Offers Dynamically Changing Tracks With New “Live Routes” Trailer

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With the release of GRID 2 rapidly approaching, the game is set to bring an all new and exclusive features called “LiveRoutes”, said to be a ground-breaking new system that dynamically changes the course of a race track on the fly. Codemasters have now revealed the technology in action with a new video now playing at, or you can check out the embedded video below.

Offering millions of route possibilities, which is a crazy number and I’ll just take their word for it, LiveRoutes comes into play for specific events in the game’s city environments – Paris, Barcelona, Chicago, Miami and Dubai. Junctions on LiveRoutes circuits can switch the track up to six different ways, as LiveRoutes randomly selects a route through the city.

“LiveRoutes is the new challenge event that we’re most proud of in GRID 2. It’s as fresh to racing games as Flashback was when we introduced it as a mechanic in the original GRID,” said Clive Moody, Senior Executive Producer for GRID 2 at Codemasters.

“In a LiveRoutes event, you don’t know what’s coming next and it turns each race into a test of your racecraft, car handling and reactions on circuits that cannot be learnt. In both career mode and online, LiveRoutes offers near limitless possibilities in every race and it’s a great leveller, even for the most experienced racing game players.”

The new LiveRoutes video shows how the road changes ahead dynamically on different play-throughs, creating new routes through GRID 2’s Paris Street Racing environment. Available in both single-player and in multiplayer, LiveRoutes events feature millions of potential corner combinations and offer players extensive replayability.

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I’m not so sure its a great idea, but its certainly an interesting one, the prospect of having tracks that you just can’t memories (in certain modes) is a good one and its a great way to keep racers on the end throughout a race. We will no doubt find out if this system works come release day as the game is due to his the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on 31st of May.


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One Response to “GRID 2 Offers Dynamically Changing Tracks With New “Live Routes” Trailer”
  1. Wayne says:

    I was looking forward to this game, now I’m not so sure. I sure wasn’t a fan of their ‘flashback’ in the 1st game but then again I didn’t have to use it.
    Imagine in real life, Sebastian Vettel cruising around, well in the lead, about to take victory only to discover somebody, somehow changed the track layout while he wasn’t looking. Would he think that was fun? Real racers rely on their knowledge of the track to help win races. It sounds more like a frustration to me than a game highlight. I’d better check out this so-called feature before I drop my wad on it.

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