Griffin Display Latest Accessories @ CES 2016

/ 2 years ago


CES 2016: Another range of great products on display today at the Griffin booth here at CES Unveiled. Their latest backpack and laptop bag certainly caught our interest, especially since we travel a lot with high-end hardware, that is often fragile and expensive. Capable of withstanding a drop from 6ft, surviving plenty of knocks and bumps, waterproof and more, they’re safe houses for your beloved equipment. The back of them has a hard shell design, but comes with plenty of breathable padding to ensure comfort to the wearer on those long journeys.




Their latest range of mobile accessories on display.


Tired of your Apple Watch running low? This mobile charger will not only keep it going, it can also be used wirelessly to help you top up the power levels, great for at work, in the car or anywhere for that matter.

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Tired of knocking over your devices when your food catches the cable? This magnetic breakoff design could quickly end your troubles!



Love you get out and about? The Survivor will let you mount your smart device direct to your bike, great for navigation, communication and more!


Stay tuned for more coverage from today’s events here at CES!

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