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Group Manages to Install Linux on a PlayStation 4

Ever since the PlayStation 4 hit the shelves officially more than two years ago, numerous hacking groups have been hard at work trying to bypass Sony’s security. A little while back, a GitHub user reported great progress, and his work acted as a stepping stone for a homebrew group that actually managed to install Linux on Sony’s PS4. Named “fail0verflow,” the group in question managed to load a full version of Linux onto the console, but exact details regarding the procedure have not been disclosed at this point. Apparently, one of the system’s chipsets had a weakness that could be exploited.

As if installing Linux wasn’t good enough, the team went a step further and decided to install and run a Game Boy Advance emulator onto the PS4 in order to attempt to play a Pokémon game. Moreover, it looks like they also connected a Game Boy Advance to the console, which acted as a controller. The GitHub user responsible for the initial crack has stated that the jailbreak was possible due to a WebKit vulnerability in firmware version 1.76. It’s probably safe to assume that numerous other groups will soon report their own findings and plans for the PS4, but installing Linux on the console is probably the most impressive feat so far.

Cernescu Andrei

Candrei is a writer for eTeknix who loves the latest technology news and gaming.

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