GSync Achieved on a Display without GSync Module

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A couple of weeks ago an ASUS support rep accidentally leaked an alpha build of the Nvidia mobile GPU driver, build version 346.87. The link was quickly removed again, but not before some people had downloaded it. The people over at PC Perspective got their hands on the driver and set it up for a test on their ASUS G751 for a row of testings and the results are somewhat surprising.

gsync panel connected-

The first thing they were greeted with upon installation was a popup telling them that they had a G-Sync display connected – on a laptop that doesn’t have one. What could just be an erroneous popup from an alpha driver, had to be investigated further.

custom hz--

So benchmarks were run, games were played and the results were studied. Verdict, at high FPS mode the display performed like a GSync enabled monitor would, but at lower FPS it had a little trouble at times. The investigation continued as the monitor could have unused functions built-in ahead of the official mobile GSync release. The gaming laptop was taken apart, but nothing unusual could be found.

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This is very interesting and somewhat suggests that either the GSync module isn’t needed at all, or that Nvidia has found ways similar to FreeSync to enable it without – for future products. Whichever is true is pure speculation, but interesting.

Thanks to PC Perspective for providing us with this information

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  • Sethos

    I’m so disappointed that you, of all sites, would report this as being true. It’s a bunch of bullshit that has been debunked quite a few times over the past weeks. All the modified driver does is letting you enable G-Sync, it does NOT work. Just another trash article in the wake of the 3.5GB thing to smear Nvidia.

    • Weston Konik

      did you watch the video that PCPER did? it works lol. the judder and tearing is gone.

    • It work btw,watch the video

      Just not properly with lot of bugs

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