GTA IV Modders Push Graphics Engine Harder Than Ever With 4K Makeover

/ 4 years ago


With all this talk of next-gen gaming and new console hardware on the way, not to mention all the hype surrounding Grand Theft Auto V, it is easy to forget that Rockstar has already created other epic open world games, and those ones are available for PC, not just consoles!


As we all know, PC gaming is at the bleeding edge of graphics technology compared to consoles and it is this raw power that has allowed the enthusiastic modding community to rip Grand Theft Auto IV down until it is practically naked, then dress it all over again until it looks incredible.


With the use of several impressive mods, reddit user “Lazyink” has taken the challenge of reminding everyone just how incredible GTA IV can look, especially when it is modded to 4K resolutions that would make most people’s gaming rigs cry in the corner.

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Using the icEnchancer ENB. Beta 1.25, Better City Textures, GTA IV Road Textures by Fonias, Supreme Vehicle Conversion Pack-140 vehicles, Traffic Control System V1.0B, DKTronics70 Vegetation, First Person mod by C06alt mods these shots are incredible, rivalling just about any game on the market for good looks and certainly good enough to compete with next-gen offerings, easily more than enough to beat out GTA V. Now if this can be done with a four year old PC game, just imagine how good GTA V could look in a few years if/when Rockstar bring it to PC!


Thank you DSOGaming for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of DSOGaming and Lazyink.

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  • Stevanus Liem Rendy

    what a masterpiece …
    Totally beat the next-game console ,

  • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

    This is something console peasants will never have: modding community pushing graphics further and 4K graphics. As much as they keep yapping with “we got GTA V and PC hasn’t” or “PC gamers only care about graphics”, they are just severely butthurt over PC master race.

    • Barry McCockiner

      how much are you going to have to spend for a compute to be able to run that with no lag, and a monitor that’s able to play that? Not to mention, the distant you sit from your monitor won’t be enough to where you’d notice the difference between 4k or 1080P.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        You can actually see a difference. It’s called been to close to a texture.

    • Prithvi Boinpally

      AAAAAAND GTA V has just been announced for pc,xbone,ps4

  • James Brahier

    THIS is next-gen gaming.