GTA V Character Teaser Trailer Released

/ 4 years ago


If you are like me, you are watching an waiting for the next little bit of information to be released about Grand Theft Auto Five. Today they give us some more information, though it seems like nothing really more then a teaser trailer. we are able to see three of the characters in the games Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. If you look a little deeper into the video you can see a little bit of what appears to be actual game play. Just a short video offering us four minutes of total back story for these three characters, we can feel the tease, much like last week when they gave us the KIFFLOM teaser.

With the game not due for release for Xbox 360 and PS3 until September 17th we will need to continue waiting for these teasers and preparing ourselves for the streets of Los Santos. Over the past couple of weeks RockStar Games seems to have kicked it up a notch with their marketing, teasing us about the game, they sure have made me want to go out and preorder it, unfortunately I will need to wait longer than some, as I will be waiting for the PC version. Rockstar has released PC versions of games as quickly as 2 weeks after the initial release for consoles, though it has also taken them 6 months to release, and if they are planning to do the GTA name right we will likely be waiting 6 months. Giving us a release date of around March of 2014.

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When I hit the streets of Los Santos I want to play the story through, as I usually do with GTA games, build up my empire and take over the world! I will then wreak all havoc across the town!

Rockstar seems to be pretty tight lipped about the game, as I personally have not hear any really good rumors about any of the new features to be released, all I am able to do is sit and wait! Have you heard any good rumors? let us know in the comments below.




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One Response to “GTA V Character Teaser Trailer Released”
  1. Wayne says:

    The type of psychopaths you normally see in all GTA series. Lets hope it comes to the PC sooner rather than later.

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