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GTA V Online Hackers Reportedly Being Removed Whilst in Session

Rockstar has had a tough time dealing with hackers, but recent reports suggest GTA V Online hackers are being removed whilst in the session. If true, it seems as though the latest update brought in new anti-cheat detection, and if it works, this is great news.

Cheating and hackers are all but extinct on the console versions of the game, it seems as though it is much easier to deal with consoles, largely due to it being much harder to hack the game files, although it can be done. Usually, though, it is easier to combat as each console has an identifier, which unless changed, will let Rockstar ban them at console level, not just at their servers.

The problem is currently only in the PC version, where almost every single lobby has at least one hacker. Some of them do no harm, except inject large amounts of money into the game, which in turn, inflates the prices of cars, car mods and housing in-game. Rockstar had to give new items large prices due to the amount of money being spawned in, but in a catch 22 sort of way, people originally felt items were too expensive, and this is where the hacking comes into play, neither side can win it seems.

The new anti-cheat detection tools are of course not being advertised by Rockstar, but a recent image that appeared online shows a new notification. The picture shows a message popping up, stating the player name, and that they had been detected cheating and removed from the session. Until more reports and proof is available it is hard to say if this is true, but I’d like to think it is.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is legitimate, but if it is, I can imagine a lot of players would consider returning to the game if they can be assured that hackers are actually dealt with.

Please let us know if you have seen this message yet, post a screenshot too!

Anthony Cartwright

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