GTA V For PC Shows Up On Reddit – Fake Or Not?

/ 5 years ago


A User on Reddit going by the name of DevBuild has posted up some screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V running on the PC which he claims is proof that GTA V is coming to the PC platform. The screenshots seen above and below suggest that there is a PC version of GTA V currently in testing.


The Reddit user claims that the release date will be November 22nd of this year and that the title is currently in a closed testing phase. Additional details suggest the game is optimised for PC but has a locked framerate of either 30 or 60 FPS.


Reddit users have broadly rejected the authenticity of the leak claiming that it is quite possible he could just be streaming console gameplay through his PC using a particular program that he has renamed to GTAV.exe. It is also noted that the user refrains from offering answers about the testing process for GTA V on PC in fear that it breaks his Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) yet he posted screenshots up anyway which surely does exactly that.

You can check the full discussion over on Reddit right here, let us know what you think of this leak.

Images courtesy of Reddit (DevBuild)

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39 Responses to “GTA V For PC Shows Up On Reddit – Fake Or Not?”
  1. Pranav Kc says:

    Hope it’s not fake!

  2. Thomas Goddard says:

    This would be amazing if it isnt fake

  3. Only a matter of time. says:

    Bleed on, console gamers…bleed on. 😉

  4. Greg says:

    Fake. 2% CPU usage?

  5. Manish Kumar says:

    Its surely a fake !

  6. Guest says:

    maybe he has got 16-core server CPUs on octa-socket 😀

  7. Ben says:

    This is fake, I’m sure he’s using NewBlueFX Edge Smoother on the game screenshot, hence why it looks half anti-aliased. To me it seems he’s capture some footage, and put it into Vegas Pro/something and then thought of teasing PC players. The NewBlueFX Edge Smoother just basically anti-aliases the edges of whatever you want, it just doesn’t do it too well on games.

    • Ben says:

      Also, actual screen dimensions don’t make sense, as in they are too big to be 1600×900, and too small to be 1920×1080, and considering it’s a clarity picture in 1080P…

  8. Adam says:

    It is fake, look at the resolution of the gameplay picture.

    • Ben says:

      there’s no start bar, so if you take that into consideration (might just be hidden, but if you consider there to be more pixels than shown as a result, you get a resolution of around 1513×846, which is still ~16:9, but also considering a known standard is 1600×900 (which is probably what this is considering it’s closest to it) it would be 900/846=? then after that do [the answer from previous maths]*1513, which is ~1609 pixels. meaning it’s around about 1600×900 at normal res. Now considering you can have super-sample effects on open programs (detail between pixels) I believe this would mean a little margin of error, and also taking into account random added/removed pixels as a result of cropping, and we have a 16:9 picture at 1600×900 pixels.

    • ImUrAssassin says:

      Welcome to the world of High Resolution gaming. I play games at 1920×1080 and that is the most common full screen res. Other people that have more money and more screen are the ones over 1080. Just because you’re still stick on 1024×768 doesn’t mean this picture is fake.

      GTA V will release on PC anyhow it’s just a matter of time for us. Rockstar knows they will bank some SERIOUS cash when they do so they are letting us sulk and then release it when we’re at our weakest so they will make even more money. (It’s the “I’m fed up with waiting so I’m just gonna buy the game instead of pirating it” play.)
      $1b so far, they might have hit almost $2b if they released on PC at the release too, but making us wait, they’ll DEFINITELY hit $2b.

    • Yaser Ranjha says:

      Yeah it’s fake

  9. Chori says:

    i doubt its pc, maybe its an emulated xbox or ps3 version, see how lacks of deep shadows or AA?

  10. Dan says:

    pretty poor graphics for PC if it is…

  11. Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

    These pictures are fakes, what you do is you feed the console to the PC screen through some software, rather than the normal way.

  12. WASD says:

    You can tell it’s fake. On the second picture look off into the distance. See how it’s blurry? The Xbox 360 version of the game does the same thing.

  13. Michael Alforte says:

    just look at the CPU usage…. its on 11%…. Im pretty sure with all that graphics, it should use more. its fake

    • ImUrAssassin says:

      Rofl. I do 28% playing Crysis 3 and I’m using an AMD Phenom II Thuban 1055T 2.8gz 6-core.
      P.S. If you HAVE a GPU it won’t bother the CPU barely at all. GPU = Graphics Processor.

      Next time, don’t call something fake because you’ve never used a powerful PC.

      • Michael Alforte says:

        but still… 11%(7% on the other picture)…. if its 20%, I can understan.. but 11%…. and also, the higher the resolution, the less the CPU usage will be.. so your argument is not completely correct….. if you have a powerful CPU/GPU, and plays on 720p, CPU will use more, if you play on more than 1080p, GPU will work more.

  14. Peter Danyi says:

    How can you people be so dumb? a Rockstar “Toronto” beta tester using russian language in game? and by the way, seeing a screenshot of a window playing gtav and a window of task manager processing gtav.exe doesnt mean it was really there, you dont need no video capture card or whatever you people shit about. all you need is photoshopping.

  15. msasma says:

    How convenient the taskbar has been edited out…

  16. Mati says:

    Oh yeah.. what about the task bar, and the game staying at 60fps consistently ?

    • Guest says:

      well when u add Vsync on pc the game u are playing runs at 60 FPS regardless if it can reach 100FPS+ (if ur graphics card can play the game well like me with BF3 i run it on ultra with 80+FPS if i add Vsync itll stay at 60 FPS)

    • kplem says:

      well when u add Vsync on pc the game u are playing runs at 60 FPS
      regardless if it can reach 100FPS+ (if ur graphics card can play the
      game well like me with BF3 or MW3 i run it on ultra with 80+FPS if i add Vsync
      itll stay at 60 FPS)

  17. DROGATA BG says:

    Fake -> check out the FPS
    in 3 pictures with 60fps 😀

  18. sashow1000 says:

    sait is REALLY easy to fake.
    1. This could be just You Tube PS3 or XBOX 360 gameplay played with PC video player
    2. The FPS is 60 in EVERY picture !
    BUT if GTA V comes to PC that would be REALLY awesome !

  19. Dominik says:

    its easy to do this ….i can do it to
    1. sreen your desktop with open one window and take him to paint
    2. in paint you can take a sreen from gta 5 ( ex. find at google ) into the window ( window is from 1. step)
    3. in paint you draw a 60 FPS ( its easy,,, you zoom image and with help a pencil draw a 60 ) … my 60 does not look like fps 60, but is only for demonstration.
    4. find a icon of gta 5 ( on google ) and copy to the paint and take it down to icon.
    5. and task manager … a) start a renaming program b) rewrite one line

    • Dominik says:

      sorry for the bad quality of the picture ( there was no time for better hanling ) and sorry for the bad english ( im from czech republic )

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