GTA V Reveals Election Campaign Videos That Are Part Of The Game

/ 4 years ago


Rockstar Games have revealed some more details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V storyline. Part of the game will contain a couple of election campaigns and RockStar Games have made two election campaign videos for each of the candidates. The first video of candidate “Jock Cranley” is designed to imitate all the worst aspects of a Republican party candidate while the second video of candidate “Sue Murry” is designed to imitate all the worst aspects of a liberal democrat party candidate.

The videos are jam packed with hilarious attacks on current American politics and political parties so they are definitely worth a watch. How they are integrated into the game remains to be seen, it could just be a bit of background “going-on” to make the game a little bit more interesting but it could also be part of the storyline and you might even get to pick who you want to take over the region’s leadership through a mission.

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Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

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