GTA V’s First Video from the in Built Movie Editor

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Today has been a fantastic day in the Tech world, GTA V has finally been released for the PC.

The game comes with some interesting new features such as the Grand Theft Auto 5 video editor. The editor allows you to create short clips and films whilst playing the game,

The Editor includes camera filters, special camera modes, depth of field and audio modification options. It comes with a replay function to allow you to re-wind back to the point where you landed that awesome jump in a truck.

You can change between any of the GTAV characters, cats, dogs or even birds!

You can add text to your clips, background radio music. It has a more advanced director mode where you can create your own custom scenes too. It allows you to change things such as time of day, weather patterns and special effects such as explosive punches!

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Rockstar commissioned Youtuber 8-Bit Bastard to create the first ever video in the editor.

It’s not a massively entertaining video, it has no explosions or fight scenes. However, it does give us a good look around at what we can expect from the game. It features some amazing camera effects and changes to show the fantastic detail that Rockstar have put into the game.

Grand Theft Auto may be one of the best games to be released for PC in a long time and this video editor may be the revolutionary part.

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