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GTX 1080 Ashes of the Singularity Benchmarks Leaked

The GTX 1080 is NVIDIA’s new flagship graphics card and apparently offers huge performance boosts compared to the current Maxwell offerings. Not only that, the GPU is actually faster than a GTX 980 SLI configuration and comes in at a much lower price point than people expected. However, whenever performance claims are made, it’s important to take a cautious approach and wait for benchmarks comparing products in a number of leading titles. Of course, the GTX 1080’s benchmark numbers are under NDA and review samples are currently being sent out to reviewers like myself for testing purposes. Despite this, there has been some internal testing found in the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark database. This is fascinating information because this particular game utilises both DirectX 12 and asynchronous compute. At 1920×1080 on the Crazy preset, the GTX 1080 manages an average frame-rate across all sections of 60.2.

Reducing the preset from Crazy to Extreme results in a frame-rate of 73.9.

Finally, the high graphical setting allows for an average frame-rate figure of 89.8.

These numbers are fairly underwhelming given the huge performance boost the GTX 1080 is supposedly capable of. From initial testing, it appears there is a decent boost from the GTX 980Ti and Fury X, but not as much as we all hoped. Of course, this could be based on a very unoptimised and early driver and the real picture will be known once the card is available to the public. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the new Pascal architecture fares in DirectX 12 titles compared to Maxwell and AMD solutions.

John Williamson

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