GTX 660Ti 3 Way SLI tested and pictured

/ 5 years ago

If you’re eagerly awaiting Nvidia’s GTX 660Ti graphics card then you’d probably be interested to check out these results. An unknown chinese source managed to get their hands on three GTX 660Ti 3GB graphics cards – although we are not so sure that they would have 3GB of GDDR5 as the reference GTX 660Ti packs 2GB and its only possible to double up.

Supposing the results are true, then the GTX 660Ti packs 1.5GB of GDDR5 as standard and then 3GB on special edition cards – not 2GB as the early “leaked” TweakTown GTX 660Ti review suggests. This GTX 660Ti card looks very similar to other GTX 670 cards currently on the market and shows that the card is clocked at 1020 MHz GPU core, 1098 MHz GPU Boost, and 6 GHz on the memory.

In a 3 way SLI configuration using unannounced GeForce 304.87 beta drivers, the card scored the following results:

  • 3DMark 06 – 18731
  • 3DMark 11 – Extreme Preset – X2862

The results suggest the GTX 660Ti is very close to the GTX 670 in performance, except with slightly lower memory for the stock cards and a smaller memory interface – 192bit versus 256bit.

Source pulled down at the request of card manufacturer

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