GTX 760 3DMark 11 Performance Revealed

/ 4 years ago


The latest specifications of the GTX 760 reveal that it sits somewhere in between a GTX 660 and GTX 660Ti in terms of the CUDA core count. Yet according to the latest 3DMark 11 test leaks from Chiphell it actually performs more or less identically to a GTX 670. The above screenshot, that for some reason has been edited to say P 830 not P8830, suggests that the stock GTX 760 is right around GTX 670 levels and about 500-700 3DMark 11 points above a GTX 660Ti.

This is interesting because it shows that with some memory bus tweaking and some overclocking Nvidia have been able to take a 1152 CUDA core count card higher than the 1344 CUDA core GTX 660Ti and to equal footing with the GTX 670. If the GTX 760 is priced right we could see one of the most competitive graphics cards on the market place to date.

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The performance breakdown of this 3DMark 11 test is as follows:

  • Overall score: P8830
  • Graphics score: 8897
  • Physics score: 9676
  • Combined score: 7435

If we take a look at some of the Graphics score results for a GTX 670, we can see a reference model scores around 8600 points and a reference GTX 680 scores around 9500 points so the GTX 760 sits just above the GTX 670 with 8897. Of course the GTX 670 will have greater overclocking headroom so inevitably the GTX 760 will only end up being a better card than the GTX 660Ti.

Image courtesy of Chiphell.

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4 Responses to “GTX 760 3DMark 11 Performance Revealed”
  1. Wayne says:

    If this is correct it will be a much better buy than the 660Ti especially if it’s cheaper.

  2. Occupy says:

    I’m waiting for the 800 series.

    • guest86 says:

      Me too! Because bug driver mess up all Nvidia video card. Check out at . Many people are complaint on bug new driver for Nvidia video card. I maybe going to move to AMD Radeon video card if not have bug driver. I still hold for any more news to come out.

  3. Matthew Humpherson says:

    Im waiting for the HD8000 series 😛

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