GTX 770 Details Revealed – Higher Clocks And Lower Price Than Expected

/ 4 years ago


We’ve had a lot in the way of GTX 770 speculation recently, yet we haven’t heard much recently. That said a report from Hermitage Akihabara has suggested both new details about the GTX 770, its price and specifications.

Nothing has changed on the “GTX 680” rebrand side, we still have identical hardware specifications to a GTX 680 as predicted earlier several times. However, the clock speeds are radically different to what we expected with an expected base clock of 1046MHz and 1085MHz boost. Traditionally AMD have been the only graphics card vendor in recent times to brag about smashing the 1GHz boundary.


They also released pricing information which suggests that the card will sell for 40,000 Japanese Yen which translates into $380-400 and €380-400 and therefore about £340-£350. This would be a massive shake up to the video card market as the GTX 680 currently costs around $500 and £385 respectively. The GTX 770 would totally undercut this and probably force Nvidia to hack down prices of GTX 600 series video cards. In addition we can expect AMD to suffer in terms of sales when the HD 7970 GHz Edition is still costing $450 and £350 yet Nvidia would have a marginally faster counterpart for around 20% less cost.

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There’s no guaranteeing that this pricing will actually translate, it is possible there could be an extra mark-up for the European and North American markets. Only time will tell. Would you buy a GTX 770 if it costs around $380/€380/£340?

Image courtesy of Hermitage Akihabara

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  • JMHJ

    Wouldn’t the GTX 680 have to drop in price if the 770 goes for 380$?

    • timmeh

      they would probably just stop producing the 680 and/or rebrand all their stock to 770 specs

  • Wayne

    I won’t buy it but I’ll probably own one. If I don’t manage to get a 770, a 760/760ti will do me just fine.

  • Maximal_Xen

    I’m definitely sure I will buy it for €380, you can bet on it. I hope it will arrive at that price. nVidia you have 1 client assured from me ! 🙂

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