GTX 800 Series To Be Significantly Faster And Cheaper Than Current GTX 700 Series

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We haven’t heard much in the way of GTX 800 series rumours since early April but some new rumours coming out of China suggest that Nvidia could be opting for a change of strategy with regards to price. Apparently the GTX 800 series will offer faster performance over its predecessors, e.g. the GTX 880 will be faster than the GTX 780 – which is fairly obvious. However, the second bit that is more interesting is that apparently the GTX 800 equivalents will be cheaper than the current GTX 700 offerings, e.g. the GTX 880 will be cheaper than the GTX 780 and so on. The rumours also suggest that we could see the new Maxwell desktop flagship parts, the GTX 880 and GTX 880 Ti, before the end of 2014 if everything goes to plan. However, taking into account other widely circulated rumours it seems likely that 2015 will mark the arrival of 20nm based graphics cards especially with TSMC struggling to achieve volume production this year. Remember rumours should be treated as such but if there is any substance to the news then this can only be a good thing, lower prices means better options for consumers and more competition between Nvidia and AMD.

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Source: Expreview, Via: WCCFTech

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5 Responses to “GTX 800 Series To Be Significantly Faster And Cheaper Than Current GTX 700 Series”
  1. mr2k9 says:

    really? so we wont see another ridiculous $1000 gpu anymore? or another ridiculous $3000 GPU? sad but still good news for us…

    • Aditya Bawankule says:

      The Titan series is focused on developers who need the 64 bit double precision, not average gamers. An OCed 780 Ti will easily outperform a Titan Black, especially since custom cooler designs aren’t allowed.

  2. JeffreyQC says:

    Good news! It’s time for me to upgrade! 🙂 2 X 480 to 2 X 880 Ti …j’ai hâte !

  3. Garzhad says:

    Awesome. I still probably won’t upgrade until they hit the 900’s, but if this trend keeps and puts them in Direct competition with every AMD model, it’ll only be good for the business. AMD would no longer be able to rest on it’s ‘slightly cheaper then nvidia for nearly the same performance’ laurels and have to step up more, inciting nVidia to do the same. Make it a war on features/capabilities instead of on price.
    It could also mean that the next console generation could be using nVidia instead of AMD. Who knows.

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