GTX Titan Black Pictured, Not Actually That Black

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Over at they’ve managed to scoop some pictures of the upcoming GTX Titan “Black” graphics card from Nvidia. As the name hints the GTX Titan Black was expected to be a black variant of the original GTX Titan….. but strangely enough the pictures reveal it isn’t actually that black at all. The GTX Titan Black (pictured immediately below) comes with the TITAN written in black and what appears to be blackened aluminium heatsink fins beneath the glass window. If we compare that to the original GTX Titan (pictured immediately above) we can see the differences are noticeable, but not that significant.


What is more interesting is that the GTX Titan Black, based on earlier rumours, was expected to look like the black GTX Titan shown below. However, that rumour was apparently just a rumour because the newest pictures suggest otherwise. While nothing has been confirmed the GTX Titan Black is expected to be a fully featured GK110 GPU (just like the GTX 780 Ti), except it comes with the bonus of 6GB of GDDR5 (instead of 3GB on the GTX 780 Ti) and it also comes with full Double Precision performance, something that has been removed from the GTX 780 Ti. Pricing is expected to be at the $999 just like the current GTX Titan (which may take a tumble in price or be discontinued once Nvidia release the GTX Titan Black).

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Image #1 courtesy of Nvidia, Image #2 and #3 courtesy of

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