GTX Titan Z Launch Details Emerge

/ 3 years ago


Just two days ago we brought you news that Nvidia had delayed the launch of their GeForce GTX Titan Z graphics card. It was suspected that Nvidia held back to tweak their cards in light of the new Radeon R9 295X2, which reportedly has a higher clock speed. Of course that doesn’t mean that the performance is going to be bigger on the AMD hardware, the Titan Z has some pretty epic numbers of it’s own that should make for a very exciting showdown between the two cards in the very near future.

With the 29th of April launch window a no show for the Titan Z, it now looks like it’s only been delayed a week or so, with the card now penned in for an 8th of May release. This isn’t a big deal really, when we heard the news of the delay we were expecting at least a month or perhaps even longer. I was hoping to save up some extra cash for one, but no matter how many weeks Nvidia delay this card I still only have about $100 of the eyewatering $3000 price tag.

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In one weeks time we’ll know which is more powerful and which is better value for money when the cards finally get tested side by side, although if history has taught us anything, we already know the answers to those questions. Which card would you rather have, the Titan Z or the 295X2?

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

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5 Responses to “GTX Titan Z Launch Details Emerge”
  1. Wayne says:

    I’m also trying to save up for one but I’m still $99 behind you. 🙂

    • MysticMeatLoaf says:

      What are you planning on using it for? if it’s just gaming don’t bother, you can have Duel SLI 780ti’s and it will be more powerful at half the price. 🙂

      • Wayne says:

        I was thinking of installing one in my 80286 with Win 3.1 and playing Solitaire and Mine Sweeper.
        Just kidding. I would never waste $3000 on a graphics card, there are far better things to do with the money.

        • Peter Donnell says:

          Agreed, had I a profession use for such a card, then sure the $3000 could go a long way to improving my workflow, but as a gamer a pair of 660 Ti’s that I currently run is more than enough.

          If money was no issue, sure, fuck it, why the hell not buy two of these lol.

          • Wayne says:

            It’s not a typical 3d gaming card, it’s more of a compute card but some will buy it just for gaming (and bragging) and they’re welcome to it.
            I’ll stick with a single card setup, I don’t need the problems associated with SLI but I also don’t need a GTX 780Ti running 1080p which is my current setup so I’ll swap it for a GTX 770 soon and save a bob’s worth in energy costs. 🙂

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