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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Issues Confirmed by its Developer

Earlier this week saw the release of Horizon Zero Dawn for the PC and I think many would agree that the game/port has, largely, been received very well by both fans and critics. Since it did come out, however, there has apparently been a bit of a growing divide between those who are having no problems with the game, and those who are encountering issues left, right, and center.

Well, following an official post made on the games Steam website, while not exactly helpful, the developer ‘Gorilla Interactive’ has at least acknowledged that, for some people, the PC release is throwing up a lot of yet unknown (in terms of what’s causing it) problems.

Horizon Zero Dawn

As part of the post (which you can read in full here) Gorilla Interactive has said:

“We have been monitoring all of our channels and are aware that some players have been experiencing crashes and other technical issues. Please know that we are investigating your reports as our highest priority.”

So, not exactly overly encouraging if you are one of the (apparently many) people who are finding that Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t running particularly well on your PC. On the plus side, however, at least the problem has been acknowledged and, in fairness, not long after it came out!

Should I Buy It?

At the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be any particular correlation between those users having problems and those who are not. While it seems more than likely that this will boil down to either hardware or some quirk of the Windows operating system, the short version is that if you are planning on getting this game (for the PC) then you might just want to hold fire for a week or so until these problems have been fixed.

Yes, you might get it and it may run perfectly. With so many people reporting other experiences though, it seems pretty clear that a patch is necessary to get Horizon Zero Dawn ‘good’ for all.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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