Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend postponed

/ 6 years ago

The second Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event is being held back until ArenaNet deploys “a lot of additional hardware in our datacenters”.

The developer announced the news on Facebook, quashing hopes of a beta this Memorial Day weekend.

“Our Beta Weekend Event 1 was super successful,” wrote community manager Martin Kerstein, “we exceeded our expectations.

“As some of you might have experienced first hand, this lead to some technical issues. To make sure we are not running into the same situation for BWE2, we recently had a stress test, and we are currently deploying a lot of additional hardware in our datacenters.

“We will be able to tell you exactly when BWE2 will take place as soon as all the hardware has been deployed. We are not withholding a date intentionally, we want to make sure that BWE2 will be a really great experience for all of you.”

ArenaNet co-founder Mike O’Brien recently revealed that “hundreds of thousands” of people had pre-purchased – bought – Guild Wars 2. One of the benefits of laying the cash down this early is being invited to these Beta Weekend Events.

Guild Wars 2 has no release date beyond “2012”. When the MMO goes live depends on what happens during beta testing.

Source: Facebook

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