Some Guild Wars 2 Players Are Not Happy about the New Expansion

/ 2 years ago

guild wars 2 heart of thorns

Guild Wars 2’s upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion is widely anticipated by fans of the famed MMO, but not all Guild Wars 2 players share the same enthusiasm, especially given the expansion’s pre-purchase offer that became available not too long ago. Apparently, some players don’t agree with bundling the expansion with the base game, as this seems to benefit new players over old ones, not to mention the fact that there is absolutely no way to purchase the expansion separately.

Moreover, a slip-up in ArenaNet’s FAQ for Heart of Thorns indicated that the base game would be required to play the expansion before the bundle was even announced, which caused quite a few people to go ahead and buy the game in anticipation. Consequently, ArenaNet has begun giving refunds to some of these misguided individuals and updated the FAQ accordingly. In an attempt to calm things down, community manager Ramon Domke explained via Twitter that the base game included in the bundle is offered for free and does not increase the price of the expansion.

His exact words were: “See it as a bargain for new players.” However, some well-established players are seeing things differently, and some are even encouraging existing users via reddit to skip on the pre-purchase altogether. As a response, one of ArenaNet’s representatives, Gaile Gray, stated the following on the Guild Wars 2 forum:

“We understand that there are many opinions and suggestions about the game versions and the pre-purchase program. We will continue to read your thoughts and thank you for sharing them. We will share your input with the team.”

An expansion for such a large and popular game requires a lot of hard work and dedication to complete, and it would be a shame if Heart of Thorns’ popularity were to suffer because of clumsy communication issues and controversies concerning bundles.

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