Guy Calls Shameless Internet Scammers Pretending to be an Elderly Person

/ 3 years ago

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We’re all aware of those fake virus webpages that say “your computer is at risk”. Sometimes you get a big pop-up pretending to be some anti-virus, telling you that you’ve got millions of viruses on your computer, while other times you get a phone number, saying that “an official technician” can solve the problem.

While eTeknix readers may find such websites laughable, some inexperienced ‘silver surfers’, might not. Their limited knowledge when it comes to computers and the web might mean they’re willing to give over everything to get rid of the frightening message on their screen. YouTuber Jack Vale decided to simulate such a scenario. He came across one of the offending websites, and gave the number a call. He delivered his best old person impersonation and complied with everything the scammers said.

The most shocking thing was when he asked how much it would cost to ‘fix’ the problem. Jack told the scammers that “we’ve only got about 400 dollars left that we can spend.” Not a problem for the scammers – apparently it only costs “$399” to get the computer up and running again.

Watch the full call below.

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2 Responses to “Guy Calls Shameless Internet Scammers Pretending to be an Elderly Person”
  1. COMMICZAR says:

    hoisted by their own petard

  2. Hahahahahah this is hilarious

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