Guy Caught Watching Lord of the Rings While Driving at 60mph

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A van driver is said to have been caught watching a DVD version of Lord of the Rings while speeding at 60 mph on the M25 near Cobham in Surrey, UK. The police stated they were shocked after stopping him and noticing that he was watching the movie on a portable DVD player placed on the dashboard.

The man, who is said to be from Guildford and in his 30s, now faces points on his driver’s license and a possible court appearance after being accuse of reckless driving. Surrey’s police officers also announced the incident by posting it on Twitter in a most amusing way. The inevitable funny comments followed afterwards.

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Surrey police officers have also stated that the incident is very uncommon, even for their experienced motorway patrol officers.

“We stop many drivers for speeding, using mobile phones sometime both every day,” the force said on Twitter. “People watching TV not so often.”

The incident has been a shocker even for us and to top it all off, here is one of our own meme that best fits the scenario above:


Thank you The Telegraph for providing us with this information

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