Gymkhana 5 Ultimate Urban Playground – May Make You Drool

/ 5 years ago

Ok so we’re big fans of the Dirt franchise from Codemasters, and anything to do with the franchise in general and that includes the fantastic Gymkhana videos that we see frequently from Ken Block and the team. I mean, how can you not know of the Monster branded Ford Fiesta pumping out 650 BHP with a 0-60 time of just 1.8 seconds.

Either way, whenever a new video is released, it always seems to push the boundaries and limits of talent that Ken Block shows and this latest one is no different.

For this video, we see it set in San Francisco and you’ll immediately notice that the whole place is a bit of a ghost town, with the majority of the streets blocked off for this immense showing.

For now, all we can say is enjoy and feel free to put the below video into HD and crank the volume up as the 650BHP monster really does sing a nice tune.


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