Hacking Group Installs Linux Onto Potato

/ 4 years ago


We’ve all heard the joke of people running games on “toasters” and “potatoes” when they load slowly into a match, but is it actually possible to run a PC directly from a potato?

A few hackers from the Netherlands successfully installed a USB version of Linux onto a spud back in 2008, allowing them to run a small command to edit a text file in Vi. The commands were sent in binary to the Linux kernel via a set of black and red wires.

“A potato doesn’t have a CPU, memory space or storage so it was quite a challenge” Johan Priest said. Priest went on to say that they weren’t able to install a bulky (compared to the reduced kernel) version of Linux such as Ubuntu or Fedora so they settled with “Damn Small Linux”.

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The group responsible for this feat have been attempting to install Linux onto obscure items such as light bulbs, Gameboy Colours and even a puppy (I don’t want to know where the USB stick went) but wanted a challenge and so they settled for a potato.

The group also previously installed Linux onto a Shetland pony back in 2005 but saw fierce competition from other hacking groups and decided to take it a step further. They were looking to install the operating system onto savoury snacks such as a cracker but a competing hacking group from Norway beat them to the mark.

Thanks to BBSpot for the information and the image!


  • Caio Cogliatti Jabulka

    Ehm… “BBspot is a tech satire news and geek humor source, and meant to be funny.”
    Isn’t Eteknix about serious news?

  • Atheos

    I think they thought it was real news when they copied it.

  • TypicalAnon

    You went really deep to bring up a false web-covered story.
    PS: This is from 2008, not to mention that it is also not true.

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