Hacking Group Threatens to Shut Down Xbox Live “Forever” on XMAS

/ 3 years ago


Imagine all the people signing into Xbox Live over Christmas with their brand new Xbox One consoles, to reach it and see it has been hacked and shut down. This could be the future in just a couple of weeks time, as hacking group Lizard Squad has threatened Microsoft, saying it “Microsoft will receive a wonderful Christmas present from us.”

The hacking group has previously hit Sony’s PlayStation Network with a DDoS attack, as well as taking down Xbox Live before. Now the group is taking it a few steps further, threatening to take Xbox Live down “forever”. Lizard Squad has said “This is not a treat but a promise. On December 25 aka Christmas. We will tap into Microsoft and shut down Xbox Live, FOREVER! So enjoy it while it lasts.”

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So if you start seeing people complaining about Xbox Live being down this Christmas, you’ll know Lizard Squad have been tinkering around inside of Microsoft’s servers.

Source: WCCFTech.

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9 Responses to “Hacking Group Threatens to Shut Down Xbox Live “Forever” on XMAS”
  1. Wayne says:

    “This is not a treat but a promise”.

    I wouldn’t have thought of it as a treat but it is a bold statement to make, they’ll get their asses nailed to the wall by the authorities if the carry on like this. I’m interested to see what transpires and if they manage carry out their threat and if they do I’m sure there will be a lot of less than happy Xbox live users and MS staff.

    • vimal eddy says:

      It’s threat not treat… Kudos to your English!

      • Wayne says:

        Read the article before complimenting me.

      • Jordan Kytyn Benns says:

        way to contribute nothing to the discussion…

        personally as a non-xbox user, I can’t wait to see whether they actually go through with this and how long they manage to pull it off for, if they do the fallout had better be something worth reading about.

      • Louie Hill says:

        It says treat in the quote. Also, there should be a comma between “threat” and “not”. Kudous to your reading ability and grammar!

        OT: Oh fuck off. It’s not Microsoft you’re punishing, it’s the players. Microsoft already have their money. Earlier this year they did this thing about punishing “greedy” companies, then went on to DDOS Valve, Riot Games and Blizzard. This is just bullshit trolling mascarading behind some V for Vendetta tripe. If you really wanted to punish greedy companies, go for Activision, Ubisoft and EA. Attack them personally in a way that doesn’t fuck over the customers who haven’t done anything.

  2. Scion says:

    So far all they’ve proven is that they can use DDOS services and string a couple of VPN’s to avoid the FBI… nothing particularly impressive. Taking down the service “forever”? Well that is a bold statement indeed, but how will they achieve this?

    I can only think of three ways:
    -They’ve gained access to all of MS’s source code and backups which they will delete, destroying years of coding. (Unlikely as there are bound to be offline backups).
    -They’ve installed malware on every single X360 and X1 that is timed to go burn out the device. This would mean infiltrating the installation during production OR hiding it in an official firmware update. (No simple task!)
    -They’ve actually cracked a way to set up their own ‘LIVE’ server and plan release the code to the internet, effectively allowing anyone to host their own service.

    Out of the three, the last one seems most likely. Since multiplayer is gated behind a pay-wall, having to compete with duplicated services that are free would be the most damaging to MS.

  3. Charles Lescoe says:

    Forever seems a bit extreme. sure they could shut it down for a few days but then it would be back up. no matter what they would get it back up. These Hackers are just Dicks. Whats the point with taking down Xbox Live? I know kids playing Call of Dick and Battlefield colonels can be trolling dicks but thats no reason to hack all of Xbox Live. sounds to me like a bunch of people got really pissed off as some o the multiplayer BS and are taking it out on live….Not Cool Trolls not cool

  4. Thomas Kristoffersen says:

    I really don’t see the point in all this hacking-bullshit! What are they trying to prove? That they are a bunch of dicks who can ruin the fun for everyone? Or that they are immature pricks thinking they are cool because they can do something most people don’t wanna do, because they are better people? If you know the reason, please enlighten me, because I would really like to know.

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