Hacking Victim Offers $20,000 Bounty To Catch His Assailant

/ 4 years ago


Getting hacked sucks, especially when your hackers then demand a ransom from you to not sell the information they obtained by hacking you. That’s exactly what happened to Roger Ver, a millionaire trader with a significant investment in Bitcoins. A hacker going by the name of “Nitrous” hacked into one of Ver’s old Hotmail accounts and was able to obtain a variety of his personal details including his social security number. The hacker threatened to exploit and sell such information unless a ransom of 37 bitcoins, about $20,000, was paid. Roger Ver, also known as “the Bitcoin Jesus”, wasn’t prepared to sit back and let that happen so he offered a $20,000 bounty to catch the hacker. He then spread this bounty all over Facebook to maximise the publicity of his situation. Lo and behold the hacker almost immediately backed down claiming he was just a middleman working for someone else. After entering a panic the hacker even asked Roger Ver “Are you going to order a hitman to kill me now?”. While the hacker has yet to be caught, the incident has been reported to the police so only time will tell if the hacker can be tracked down and brought to justice.

Source: Sky News

Image courtesy of the Verge

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