Half-Life 3 Kickstarter Launched… Then Cancelled, Doh!

/ 3 years ago


This week has played host to something truly cruel in the world of gaming, a Kickstarter was launched to crowd fund the development of Half-Life 3 and no sooner was the campaign started as it was taken down.

The campaign was launched by Christopher James Butler, who claimed to have worked as a game designer at both Valve and EA. It was pretty obvious that the guy was just trolling to scam money off people and it’s a shame that it may have even worked on some people.

The first hint we had that this was a scam was that he didn’t have the relevant experiences listed and that his campaign was set up to raise just £1,500! We know games can be done on the cheap sometimes, but a AAA game like Half-Life isn’t going to happen on a budget that wouldn’t even pay off a few months of my rent, let alone fund a game development studio.

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Christopher even took to replying to people’s trolling comments on the campaign, leaving a couple of defensive replied before it was pulled and frankly we hope he gets in some serious s%^t for doing this.

Now the only thing we do need is a REAL Half-Life 3 development fund-raiser, not that I think Valve need the money, but if it helps make the game a reality, I’m willing to pucker up some cash.

Thank you Cliqist for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “Half-Life 3 Kickstarter Launched… Then Cancelled, Doh!”
  1. Wayne says:

    The world is full of con artists and opportunists and every single person can be scammed by something but I wouldn’t slap down one penny on any game until it’s actually hit the shelves and has gone on sale. As for EA… well they’ve been ‘legally’ scamming the gaming world for years now. if you’re silly enough to buy any of their games then you get exactly what you deserve, ripped off and frustrated.

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