Half-Line Miami is a Magical Blend of Half Life and Hotline Miami

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Half-Line Miami is a free standalone mod, created by Thomas Kole and combines Half Life 2 and Hotline Miami in a spectacular way. The project was designed to hone Kole’s development skills and honour two of his favourite games of all time. Currently, the game features 8 thematic levels and each one represents a unique sector in Half Life 2’s environment. Additionally, there is a level editor and user-created maps are available from www.reddit.com/r/HLM. As a result, Half-Line Miami could end up with a huge array of missions if the community becomes quite popular.

The iconic gravity-gun is a fantastic addition and allows you to hurtle objects into an enemy’s face. I was quite impressed by the small touches and variety of objects which makes the gameplay stay fresh. The combat is accompanied by a thumping, 80s-style soundtrack and vibrant visual style. It’s surprising how well the two themes combine and contains 8-bit renditions of Half Life 2’s cutscenes.

Half-Line Miami is available for download from here and doesn’t require any installation. Over the years I’ve played a number of fan-projects and it’s staggering how good community content can be. Half-Line Miami exemplifies this and illustrates why PC Gaming is so special.

Thank you WCCFTech for providing us with this information.

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