‘Handful of Senators’ Blocking Patriot Act Extension

/ 4 years ago

US President Barack Obama has blamed a “handful of senators” for blocking the USA Freedom Act, designed to extend the mass surveillance legislated by section 215 of the infamous Patriot Act, which expires on 1st June. Obama has told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that he expects senators who are standing in the way of the extension to fall in line before May comes to an end.

Last week, the Senate voted against The USA Freedom Act (57/42 votes) and a 60-day emergency extension to the existing Patriot Act (54/45 votes).

“I don’t want us to be in a situation in which for a certain period of time those authorities go away and suddenly we are dark,” Obama said. “And heaven forbid we’ve got a problem where we could have prevented a terrorist attack or apprehended someone who is engaged in dangerous activity but we didn’t do so simply because of inaction in the Senate.”

McConnell is expected to call the Senate into session on Sunday in an effort to push through the extension before it expires at midnight “to make every effort to provide the intelligence community with the tools it needs to combat terror,” according to his spokesman, Don Stewart.

“The only thing that is standing in the way is a handful of senators who are resisting these reforms despite law enforcement and the (intelligence community) saying ‘let’s go ahead and get this done,'” Obama added, putting the blame of any failure to extend the act squarely on the Senate.

If only they’d called it the Stars and Stripes and Apple Pie Act, it would have been a dead rubber.

Thank you Yahoo! Tech for providing us with this information.

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4 Responses to “‘Handful of Senators’ Blocking Patriot Act Extension”
  1. Porkalicious says:

    Well, first off:
    What the law enforcement and “intelligence community” thinks doesn’t matter shit. It’s what the people of the ENTIRE WORLD thinks. And THEY are not an entire world…. they are manipulative assholes that thinks of nothing else but masscontrol and the ability to do whatever the fick they want… And I bet my grandparents on that less than 20% are actually for this dystopia-screaming matter (most likely because they’ve been informed wrongly by the gov.) and 30% being all indifferent for no good reason and brain. Fighting terrorism is good and all, but geez, don’t take it waaaay to far. Don’t mix the population into YOUR petty problems.
    It’s like going to the movies and not liking the movie and then deciding to close/destroy every cinema in the world because of it. That’s the most accurate metaphore there is.
    I had a second point, but I lost it while writing…

    • harrietfordypa says:

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  2. carol argo says:

    Mr and Ms of the congress,there is nothing shamefull about letting this ,anti constutional (and by extension anti patriotic rule ,designed only to play king and queen on top of the judge head.let the judiciary handle these like it always has till internet gray area happened. Gather data ?yes! But only on a case by case basis ,galactic permission is not a case by case

  3. ddearborn says:


    Each member of Congress swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States upon taking office. SO what does the Constitution say about warrantless searches. Bear in mind that it is immaterial whether or not it is immediately read or screened. The fourth amendment states unequivocally and without ambiguity or uncertainty that in order for the government to conduct a search; and I quote in its entirety from the Constitution:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
    That means for EACH person searched (wire tapping is a form of search) a warrant must be obtained from a Judge meeting ALL the criteria laid out above. The NSA MEETS NONE OF THESE REQUIREMENTS! It is therefore unconstitutional and unlawful. And as a reminder, the Government cannot write any law which violates the Constitution. The members of Congress blocking the renewal of this lawless legislation are doing their sworn duty. It is all the other members that voted in favor of violating the Constitution and oath of office who must be condemned for the treasonous swine that they clearly are. The Patriot Act was NOT put in place to protect the citizens from “terrorists”. The Patriot Act was put in place to protect the government and multi-nationals from the citizens. It is a tool to oppress and tyrannize the people. The government admits that to this day NO terrorists have been caught via this illegal program.

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