“Hands-Free Automatic Sperm Extractor” So Much Nope [SFW]

/ 3 years ago
As if you need to be told what that bit is for...

As if you need to be told what that bit is for…

Many of us these days are obsessed with how technology can improve our health, with things such as mobile apps to track our workouts, advances in scanning technology to monitor our well being and new medial aids to help doctors diagnose and cure a multitude of things. Some are cool and hip to use, others, not so much.

It can be embarrassing enough going to the doctors for some things, but what if your doctors asked you to have sex with an automatic sperm extractor? I think I’d rather walk out of the hospital and take my chances that my illness would simply get better on its own. Yet this thing is actually in place in Chinese hospitals, I’m not one to judge, but when people warned me about Chinese medicine, they may have been referring to this.

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I’m not sure what is stranger, the fact that this thing exists, of the fact this is the second gadget this week that involves the use of your penis… a bizarre reminder of the world we live in.

Video is safe for work, although you may get some strange looks for watching a video of a sexified Dalek.

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  • Justin Matthew Rorke

    I can actually think of a lot of dudes who would be lining up to give a sample. In fact they could probably charge to use it and make a pretty hefty swag of money out of it.

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