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Happy Hacking Keyboards – By Programmers, for Programmers!

If you spend all day typing out code, then you know that having a really good keyboard is massively helpful. Well, in announcing their new range of “Happy Hacking Keyboards” Fujitsu is looking to provide the market with some of the highest-performing models seen to date!

Happy Hacking Keyboards

Now, despite the name, these haven’t been specifically designed for you to ‘hack’. What the keyboards do, however, provide is nice and quick responsive keys while also building in a large number of programmable shortcuts to help you get through the workload as quickly as possible.

What Does Fujitsu have to Say About them?

“Three models (HYBRID Type-S, HYBRID, Classic) in your choice of White or Charcoal, with Printed or Blank Key Caps are available. The HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models feature multi-platform support which allows you to use both Bluetooth and USB connection. Furthermore, the HYBRID Type-S models enable excellent typing speeds and quieter typing. The Classic models maintain the original HHKB specifications and support wired (USB) connection.”


Evolution of Multi-Platform Support

The new HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models give users flexibility in how they connect their keyboards to their favorite devices. For example; PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone via both Bluetooth or USB connection. In addition, the new HHKB lineup has been equipped with a Type-C USB connector, so that the keyboards can be used with the most up-to-date devices.

Improvements to the Interface

HYBRID and HYBRID Type-S models include the ability to pair with up to 4 Bluetooth devices. Users can switch easily between devices with simple keyboard shortcuts.

Additional Customizable Functions

The HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models include keymap customization functionalities. In addition to the DIP switch that allows users to change the control key assignments. Now users can customize the entire keymap*2 through an intuitive and easy-to-understand software application (Windows only) designed exclusively for this function. The keymap settings are saved within the HHKB itself, so that the same settings can be used from one device to another without needing to reprogram each time.

Continuous Pursuit of Quality

High-Quality Key Switches: HHKB’s Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switch detects changes in electrostatic capacity with each key press. This ensures a smooth and comfortable key touch and high durability. For the HYBRID Type-S models, excellent typing speed and quietness levels are achieved by adopting a unique buffer inside the keys.

Intelligent Key Layout and Compact Size: The intelligent key layout carried over from the very first HHKB model allows users to enter characters quickly using shortcut keys. In addition, minimizing the number of keys has helped to make the keyboard compact and light. So that it is ideal for carrying around.

High-Quality Details: Long life dye-sublimated key top labeling is used for the characters and symbols on the keytops, this method ensures characters and symbols are printed clearly and also ensures the print will last for a long time. Characters and symbols will not be rubbed off even after the keyboard is used for several years. The HHKB also includes 3 options for keyboard height adjustment, creating a more ergonomic experience for long hours of work.

How Much Do They Cost?

As these keyboards have been designed for a very specific and niche market, as you might expect, they don’t come cheap. As part of the press release, Fujitsu has confirmed the following prices:

  • HHKB Pro 3 Classic models – $217 list price
  • Pro 3 HYBRID models – $264 list price
  • Pro 3 HYBRID Type-S models – $320 list price

Bear in mind, however, that if you spend most the day in front of a computer screen typing out code, anything that can help make it a lot faster (and hopefully easier) will undoubtedly be useful!

You can check out the official product website via the link here!

What do you think? Do you like the Happy Hacking Keyboard designs? Thinking of getting one? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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