Harvard Team Developing Army of Robot Bees

/ 2 years ago


A team at Harvard are working to develop an army of robot bees known as RoboBee! While that may sound a little terrifying, their reason for doing so could help save farming industries around the world as well as help save lives, and so much more!

Bees are dying off, the cause of which has been blamed on everything from pollution, to pesticides, to global warming. There are a lot of problems going on with Bees and that’s a very bad thing, as they’re a vital component for the pollination of crops. What can we do to keep these crops going? Build robot bees that can help do the work for us of course! While that in its self could be a huge benefit to food production, the team aren’t only focusing on this aspect.

The bees can be used for search and rescue in natural disaster areas, much like drones, but able to get into much smaller spaces. They can explore hazardous environments, be used for surveillance, weather and climate mapping, traffic monitoring and more. Basically, they can fly about and look at lots of things, that would be the basis of it.

Until we fix the problem that is killing off real bees, this may be one bit of tech we simply cannot live without in the future.

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