Harvard University Professor Creates Technology That Sent First Transatlantic Smell

/ 3 years ago

Researchers from Harvard University used an Apple iPhone app to successfully send a scent from Paris to New York using the oPhone communication platform.

Users take a photo of an object, assign it at least one “aroma note,” and then send the custom photo on its way.  The message recipient will be greeted with a link to the picture and the included aromatic note, which will emit scents if connected to the oPhone Duo device.

The oPhone Duo has several “neurons,” with each neuron including four air holes – three of the air holes have dry, aromatic material – and the machine is able to receive signals that will correspond with the appropriate air current.  Four neurons costs about £12 and can create a large number of different smells.

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Interestingly, users do not need to purchase oPhone hardware, available with a £87 starting price, and is currently available.

Here is what David Edwards, Harvard University professor and co-inventor said during a live demonstration:

”Say I’m a barista and I have these great coffees, and I have difficulty describing them.  You come to the café, you’ve got the iPad, ask, ‘What kind of coffee is that? And you can play it, get the primary and secondary and the mixed notes.  It’s an education; it helps you talk to the barista.  From the retail point of view, it’s a real way of reaching out and saying, ‘Get some coffee.’”

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