Harvest WiFi Signals to Charge Your Smartphone

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The folks at Nikola Labs have been busy creating an amazing piece of kit. On the surface looks like any ordinary protective case, though it packs a punch, wirelessly charging your smartphone through the conversion of RF Signals “Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE”. Here’s how it works:


“Nikola Technology efficiently converts RF signals like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE into DC power using its proprietary energy harvesting circuit. The result is usable energy that can provide power to mobile devices wirelessly.”

A closer look at the specs shows careful thought taken in terms of design, everything you’d need to track, harvest and maintain battery life are in place, this includes a Signal Strength Indicator, RF Harvesting Antenna and RF – DC Converter.

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Nikola Labs have joined forces with Ohio State University original creator of this technology with a goal of bringing the product to market in a year.

This technology could revolutionize various fields, communication being the most obvious, also in terms of disaster relief, where infrastructural damage may cause disruptions in service, this technology could keep life-saving tools up and running.

It launches on Kickstarter in a month at the price of $99, with plans to ship within the following 4 months. I’m really looking forward to further developments in this tech, it’s one to keep our eyes on, plus it looks like something The Flash would be rocking, would you?

Thank you NikolaLabs and for providing us with this information.

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