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Haswell is Back as Intel Reverses 22nm CPU End-of-Life

With the launch of the Haswell line of processors back in 2013, a significant portion of them represented Intel’s more ‘budget-friendly’ line of CPUs. These models were essentially designed to give a solid, if unremarkable, level of performance. For the sake of some of you already feverously typing in the comments, yes, that did not apply to all of them.

Earlier this year, however, it seemed that Intel was finally ready to start putting the range to bed. Specifically, as they announced the discontinuation of their semi-flagship processor, the Pentium G3420.

In a report via TechSpot, however, it seems that a change in the Intel roadmap has seen the processor given a stay of execution. Yes, the Pentium G3420 is officially now available to purchase again!

Intel Reverses Haswell Discontinuation

For the sake of clarity, we should note that the significant portion of Haswell processors are still easily available to purchase. A quick check of the Intel website easily confirms this. The Pentium G3420 was, however, the first notable instance of Haswell (as a range) being set for discontinuation.

It seems, however, that the decision to reverse the end-of-life may suggest more than meets the eye. Could this be another indication that Intel is desperate to produce processors? Even of the (now very well-aged) 22nm variety? – It sounds crazy, but it might just be true!

What Do We Think?

Honestly? It’s a bit of a weird decision. The Pentium G3420 wasn’t exactly a mind-blowing processor release when it came out and today its specifications look outright pitiful.

  • Two cores/Two threads
  • 3.2 GHz clock speed
  • Supporting DDR3-1600 RAM

As above, the only logical conclusion we can draw is that Intel must really be desperate to get processors built. So much, in fact, that they’re even going to attempt to battle the ‘shortfall’ by continuing hideously outdated designs well beyond their (honestly) practical life-span.

While there is some logic to this decision, I think the vast majority of us will just see this announcement as being truly bizarre!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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