Haswell to be 10% faster than Ivy Bridge

/ 5 years ago

Intel’s next generation of processors, Haswell, will be up to 10% faster according to sources. Following Intel’s tick-tock development strategy, Haswell is a Tock which equates to an architecture re-design with the persistence of the same process as the previous generation, in this case the continuation of 22nm from Ivy Bridge.

Intel has been telling partners (according to rumours) that Haswell will be 10% faster with equal number of cores and threads at the same clock speed as Ivy Bridge counterparts.

These numbers are based on pre-silicon projections that Intel always does before it gets the working prototype back, but since we are some month away from the IDF 2012 in San Francisco, we are quite sure that we will see Haswell again, much closer to its final design, and we even expect to see Broadwell prototypes to hit at least one of the keynotes.

Intel also promises better overclocking headroom, potentially implying Haswell will be able to push as far as Sandy Bridge did in terms of raw GHz numbers, i.e. we could again see 5GHz possible on air. If all goes (Has)well as expected then we could see one of the best consumer processors from Intel to date.


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