Haswell to get 3 times better graphics than Ivy Bridge

/ 5 years ago

According to industry sources, Intel’s next generation of Core processors will have three times the performance of current HD 3000 based Ivy Bridge processors. This is signficant for desktop users since most current Ivy Bridge processors are still lacking in graphics performance. Even though Intel does currently sell a better part than HD 3000, HD 4000, it is not equipped with all Ivy Bridge processors so everyone doesn’t feel the benefit.

The fourth generation of Intel processors, Haswell – LGA 1150 socket, will have “GT2” graphics with up to 300% better 3D performance than Ivy Bridge GT1 a.k.a HD 3000. In a nut shell, the increases Intel are making in graphics performance will force AMD and Nvidia to raise their game in the entry level segment – since what is the point of discrete Nvidia/AMD graphics in desktops and notebooks if Intel graphics are just as good if not better?

Haswell is also boasting up to 200% better video conversion – probably still via the Intel QuickSync technology.

When asked about what all this would mean for them, Nvidia responded by saying it would release more powerful entry level graphics processing units and the same probably applies with AMD too – who already have the APU advantage.

Expect things to get a lot more interesting nearer the launch of Haswell in Q2 2013.



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  1. the 3570k and 3770k have HD4000 too.. I wouldn’t call those “low end”?

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