Have You Ever Used Nutella as Thermal Paste?

/ 3 years ago


Ever run out of thermal paste and need something immediately? Look no further, Nutella to the rescue! Originally shared by CoolerMaster via their YouTube channel, and in honor of International Nutella Day (celebrated February 6th), this delightful spread works in a pinch! Now of course, this isn’t a completely serious solution, as pointed out by Geek.com, Nutella will eventually dry out which would negate what it’s being used for, but it also contains enough sodium that would cause corrosion at a serious level. As any seasoned PC enthusiast has seen on the web, or experienced first hand, the possibility of new bugs. and we literally mean bugs, might arise, or even worse, a real live mouse. At the end of the day though, it does make for a sweet solution to show off; should smell pretty good too.

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Source: Gizmodo

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