Intel Haswell Powered MacBooks Coming Soon

/ 4 years ago


Apple fans have been waiting for an update to the MacBook range for a while now and its something that Apple looks set to deliver on, most notably with the release of Intel’s latest generation of processors, Haswell.

Intel’s Haswell is set to bring with it lower power consumption that is going to be well suited to mobile platforms, where power consumption is extremely important to the devices battery life, but with this drop in power usage also comes an increase in performance that should give the new MacBooks a new lease of life, add to that the much improved integrated graphics solutions offered by Haswell and the new MacBooks, or I guess any notebook powered by Haswell is starting to sound pretty tempting.

Apple have one more trick up their sleeve of course and it looks like they’re set to include their very popular Retina screens into the mix and while personally I’m no fan of Apple product, I have to admit that they do use very nice display panels in their devices, especially the Retina screens.

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Having these extra high resolution retina displays across their entire range could be a massive blow to the Windows based notebook market, which is still struggling to get 1080p + across a lot of high end models given that ultra high resolution screens are still a way off being a mainstream product, although I’m sure that will change very shortly.

While there is no word on price at this time you can bet these are not going to be cheap, with Retina displays on the front and the latest Intel hardware hiding inside I’m sure the new MacBooks are going to be pretty special.

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One Response to “Intel Haswell Powered MacBooks Coming Soon”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Meh!! One thing for sure – it will cost a lot.

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