HD 7950 gets benched

/ 6 years ago

The HD 7970 has been with us for quite a while now and its performance is impressive to say the least. Now the HD 7950 is nearly upon us and early indications of performance show that the card slots nicely in between the 7970 and GTX 580. When running on stock settings the HD 7950 falls roughly in between Nvidia’s GTX 580 and AMD’s $500 HD 7970. Whilst with overclocking a performance leap from P6139 to P7056 can be achieved. This means that when overclocking the 7950 you can almost reach stock performance of the 7970 graphics card. Considering the 7950 is likely to be much cheaper than the 7970 this could work out to be a really well priced sweet spot graphics card from AMD. Watch this space.

Results below:

Stock: 7970 vs 7950 vs GTX 580

Stock 7950 P Score

Overclocked 7950 P Score. 7970 scores P7228 at stock.

Sources: DonanimHaberMyDrivers

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