HD 7950 gets listed for retail

/ 6 years ago

As we have seen so far from early benchmark results AMD’s HD 7950 graphics card slots in between the GTX 580 and HD 7970 in terms of graphical performance. Yet the HD 7970 costs about $550 and the GTX 580 costs at the cheapest price $470. So the fact we have just seen the HD 7950 go live on the site Provantage for $481 isn’t that surprising. It does certainly seem ‘high’ considering the price difference we previously saw between the HD 6970 and HD 6950 but if you consider the raw specifications of both cards the pricing seems fair. This also means that for about $10 more than a GTX 580 (the cheapest reference one we might add) you get much better performance in all types of 3D applications (except maybe CUDA designed ones).

The picture Provantage display is that of a ATI HD4850 probably due to NDA issues. The listed specs are as follows: HD 7950 3072MB DDR5 384BIT PCI Express DVI.


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