HD 7950 launch back on for January

/ 6 years ago

The HD 7950 was originally schedule by AMD to be launched on the 9th of January which would of been last Monday. However, it was later delayed put back until February as retail availability was reportedly being delayed. Now it seems AMD will launch earlier, at the end of January is as specific as that launch date gets, but it is normally at the start of a week so Monday the 23rd or 30th of January seems like the dates to look out for. Previous reports suggested the launch would be paired with retail availability but as the launch date jumps forward we wouldn’t be surprised if AMD have sacrificed availability to get another ‘ahead-of-schedule’ paper release.

In related news, while all Radeon HD 7000M mobile GPUs launched by AMD so far are rebrands from previous generations, it does have designs of 28 nm mobile GPUs based on its new Graphics CoreNext (GCN) architecture in the pipeline, which will take up Radeon HD 7900M/7800M/7700M series, which will be launched in Q2, 2012.

Source: DigiTimes, TPU


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